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Whether you are purchasing a home or trying to lower your monthly payment, consolidate your debt, get cash from your home, or keep your payment from rising, we have what it takes.

At Choice Mortgage Group, we have the experience and the know-how to get you the best rates. Our team of loan originators understands that purchasing and moving into a new home is a big decision, which can often be very stressful. We are here to ease that process.

From pre-approval to purchase, we will be there every step of the way. We believe in transparency, so you will know exactly what is going on and what to expect. By specializing only in residential loans, we are experts no matter what path you take. Whether you need an FHA or Conventional loan, a fixed- or adjustable-rate, or are purchasing your first or second home, Choice Mortgage Group offers personalized services just for you.

We understand that every client’s financial background is unique, and we are willing to consider your application even if you had credit challenges in the past such as a foreclosure, a short sale and/or a bankruptcy.

Our team of international Loan Originators speak French, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Most Popular Mortgage Loans

FHA Loan

  • Low down payment of 3.5% on your purchase price and up to 6% of seller paid costs
  • Can add special loan to finance nonstructural repairs
  • Mortgage Insurance is required
  • Insured by the Federal Housing Administration

FHA loans are insured by the federal government. These loans have lower down payment options and more flexible lending requirements, making them popular for those with lower credit scores. Choice Mortgage Group is an FHA-approved Lender.

Conventional Mortgage Loan

  • 3% down payment with qualifying credit scores on purchases
  • Can be used on all property and occupancy types: 1-4 family units, attached and detached, as well as condominiums
  • Conforming loans follow Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae lending guidelines

Conventional loans are an alternative to FHA loans that offer a lot more variety to the borrower. These loans are, however, not guaranteed or insured by the federal government. While not all properties and lenders are approved for FHA loans, almost any property can be financed with a conventional mortgage loan.

VA Mortgage Lending

  • ZERO down payment purchase program
  • No monthly mortgage insurance
  • Credit flexible and great interest rates

A VA loan offers low-cost, insured mortgage loans to qualified Veterans. Guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, VA loans can be used to finance a primary residence only. Veterans, Active-Duty personnel, Reservists, National Guard members and some surviving spouses are typically eligible for VA loans.

Jumbo Mortgage Loan

  • Loans greater than $715,000
  • 10% down on purchase
  • Fixed and Adjustable Rates

Focused on the luxury residence market, jumbo mortgage loans exceed conventional loan limits. Credit and lending requirements are more stringent, but jumbo loans are available for primary, secondary, and investment properties.

Reverse Mortgage Lending

A reverse mortgage is a home loan that lets homeowners that are at least 62 years of age convert their home equity into cash payments. These cash payments can be used for daily living costs, medical expenses, home improvements, education, long-term care, or even to purchase another home.

At Choice Mortgage Group, our team can help you understand if you qualify for a reverse mortgage:

  • All borrowers must be 62 years or older (non-borrowing spouses can be any age but it limits the funds since they are based on the younger spouse’s age)
  • Single family homes, 2-4 family units attached or detached, townhouse and  (some) condos are eligible
  • NO CREDIT and NO INCOME qualifications (Financial Assessment requires sufficient income and the borrower must show a good payment history on RE Taxes, insurance and HOA)

Check your eligibility and apply today

Let Choice Mortgage Group offer you our high-quality home mortgage services today. Once you have made the decision to pursue a loan, you have the option of getting a custom loan quote online or prequalifying with one of our specialists, further streamlining the application process. Our team speaks French, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian.

You can also simply apply for a loan right away.

Once you have applied for a loan, we strive to obtain same-day service, enabling you to make financial decisions quickly, confidently, and with minimal stress. Let Choice Mortgage Group help you achieve your homeownership goals today.

Call (561) 395-6900 or email for more information about our programs and services.

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