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5 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Broker

Let’s be honest, it’s much more fun to look for homes online and through apps than it is to research home loans, or find the right mortgage broker. After all, what is there not to like about house hunting – you get to stroll through beautiful homes and picture yourself as the homeowner. However, if […]

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When Should You Refinance Your Home?

Thinking about refinancing your home may make you nervous, especially if you’re not familiar with the refinancing process. First, let’s outline what refinancing entails. When you refinance your mortgage, your existing loan is paid off and replaced with a new one, often with a better rate. You’ll want to ask yourself questions as you prepare […]

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Should You Buy a Home or Rent a House?

When you’re trying to decide whether you should buy or rent a property, there’s one simple question you need to consider. Do you want a house or a home? Why You Might Want to Rent If you’re young — coming straight out of college or from a family member’s place — you might just need […]

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Applying For a Mortgage in 2014? Don’t Do It Until You Read These Tips (Part 1)

Thinking of getting a mortgage in 2014?  If so, there are a lot of changes happening.  Here are some tips on successfully navigating them and qualifying for the best mortgage available on the market: Refresh your financial record-keeping skills.  2014’s new rules require lenders to be especially thorough in requesting adequate documentation for borrowers’ income […]

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The Calm Truth about Rising Rates

Interest rates are rising.  House Hunters are watching those rates nervously, and they’re worried – quite sensibly – that rates will continue to rise.  But if you’ve been thinking about buying a home, all the recent news about rising interest rates and high home prices shouldn’t scare you off.  Just the opposite: Now is the […]

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5 Biggest Refinancing Mistakes to Avoid

With so many people applying to get a South Florida refinance on their house, the chances of you being the one approved get slimmer and you cannot afford to make mistakes that can completely ruin your chances.  So, if you are planning to pay off your current South Florida mortgage with refinancing, here are some […]

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Pay Off the Mortgage Now or Not? 4 Questions to Help You Decide

Paying off your Boca Raton mortgage all at once definitely has its own perks, the biggest one being the sole outright owner of your house.  However, it is not always the wisest thing to do and you should always look at all other possible factors that would be affected by the decision.  So before you […]

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The Reach and Scope of HARP

Since its inception, HARP has helped approximately 2.2 million struggling homeowners refinance their underwater mortgage under more favorable terms, leaving the state of America’s housing market in a much better condition than what it would be without the program.  Beginning in April 2009, the HARP program was initiated by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) […]

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Top 5 Changes in the Mortgage Industry for 2013

A lot of changes are happening in the mortgage industry for 2013, thanks to increased regulation and the lending industry tightening down on its rules.  Knowing about these changes will help you make the best decision whether 2013 is the year for you to apply/refinance.  Tip 1: Now’s The Time To Refinance Rates are expected […]

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