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What is a 1031 Life-Kind Exchange?

A 1031 Life-Kind Exchange is a type of real estate transaction that allows investors to sell one property and purchase another in a way that allows them to avoid paying taxes on the sale. In other words, it’s a tax deferment strategy used to move funds from one property to another instead of being taxed […]

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Does Mother Still Know Best or Has Google Replaced Mom’s Advice?   

The phrase ‘mother knows best’ has stood the test of time. But even when Mom or a close friend suggests a new restaurant to try, we are quick to pull out our phone and Google the restaurant before making a reservation. Mom is a trusted source but reading reviews and gaining insight about a business […]

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Explaining Transaction Fees To Your Clients

Of the many fees associated with buying a house, one that’s often overlooked is the transaction fee. Also known as “broker service fees” or “administrative fees,” transaction fees are costs associated with closing a real estate deal. This fee covers the cost of things like document storage and management. Most importantly, this fee represents the […]

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Attention Real Estate Industry Professionals…Stop looking for a shiny new toy!

“Stop looking for a shiny new toy” is a phrase often used in the business world to encourage individuals or businesses to focus on what is already working well for them rather than constantly seeking out the latest and greatest thing. In real estate, this advice can be applied in a few different ways: Don’t […]

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Important Documents To Keep After Buying A Home

Buying a home comes with a lot of paperwork, especially when getting a home loan. It’s important to know what needs to be kept safe and what doesn’t need to be worried about. Below is a list of mortgage documents to keep on file. The Deed of Trust The mortgage deed of trust will become […]

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New Loan-Level Pricing Adjustments (LLPA): May 1, 2023

New Loan-Level Pricing Adjustments will be in effect on May 1, 2023. What are LLPAs and how will they impact borrowers? What is Loan-Level Pricing Adjustment? Mortgage lenders adjust their interest rates per borrower based on the presumed risk of loaning money to that borrower in a procedure known as Loan-Level Pricing Adjustment. This government […]

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How to Buy Down Your Mortgage Interest Rate – Temporary and Permanent Options

Watch our YouTube Videos on 2-1 Buydowns: When mortgage rates are on the rise, lenders may be more inclined to offer a mortgage financing technique — known as a mortgage rate buydown — that allows you to pay extra money to get a lower rate. A buydown can be permanent or temporary, and understanding the […]

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Attention Realtors…Learn To Be A Resource To Your Clients

The greatest missed opportunity for most of us is not marketing to our existing database! Hopefully you’ve been following our advice from previous Marketing To Your Database emails, and you’re calling your clients with these valuable touch points and of course asking for a referral at the end. If you do this singular activity on […]

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Understanding Blended Credit Scores and the Impact on Purchasing a Home

Watch our YouTube Video on Blended Credit here: https://youtu.be/1mZjkOBIfWs As of September 18, 2021, Fannie Mae’s new credit score rule allows lenders to average the co-borrower’s FICO scores together to determine eligibility for a conventional loan. What does this mean for you? Using the same example of the two co-borrowers with credit scores of 690 […]

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What is a Closing Statement, Settlement Statement?

What is a Closing Statement, Settlement Statement? A closing statement is a document that records the details of a financial transaction. A homebuyer who finances the purchase will receive a closing statement from the bank, while the home seller will receive one from the real estate agent who handled the sale. Understanding the Closing Statement […]

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What is the Homestead Exemption and What Are the Benefits of Applying?

What is the Homestead Exemption? The Homestead Exemption is a valuable property tax benefit that can save homeowners thousands on their taxable value. The homestead exemption is a way to minimize property taxes for homeowners. It is also a legal provision offered in most states that helps shield a home from some creditors following the […]

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The Scoop on Mortgage Buydowns

Watch our Video on Mortgage Buydowns here: https://youtu.be/7afbNLNfhrY What Is a Buydown? A buydown is a mortgage financing technique in which the buyer attempts to obtain a lower interest rate for at least the first few years of the mortgage or possibly its entire life.  A 2-1 buydown, for example, is a specific type of […]

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