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How Much is Your Home Really Worth?

If you’re considering selling your home, you’re probably wondering how much your home is worth, or better yet, you’re wondering if you can sell it for more than what it’s worth and make a profit? Let me just say it now: don’t. Your home’s value might’ve changed since you bought it and selling it may give you more than you spent buying it, but you can’t sell your home for more than its market value. It’s heavily looked down upon and it’s more likely you won’t sell. But that doesn’t mean you can’t happily sell your home and make a profit out of it, it just comes down to three important elements.

  1. Market Value

Your home’s market value is the most important number you’ll deal with as a home-seller. You can discover your home’s market value by hiring an appraiser, to fully appraise the current state of your home and calculate its value in our current economy. This number may not be exact, but an experienced, professional appraiser will give a market value with a max of 10% margin of error. Once you know this number, you will know the range you can sell your house for.

  1. Repairs & Amenities

After living in your home for years, you know the in’s & outs of it like no other. Because of that, you know that there are repairs that could make living a little bit smoother. While you should consider having those repairs professionally finished, don’t assume repairing all the notable problems will raise the value significantly, or at all. The same goes for amenities, amenities do affect the value of the house, and you can’t expect to price your 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, but pool-less home for the same with a pool. Repairs may not greatly affect the price, but amenities influence more than you think. Consider adding amenities to raise the value of your home. Talk with your appraiser before making any major decisions.

  1. How You Sell

You could have the best home on the block, but if you have a poor marketing avenue, you won’t sell it. Having a real estate agent and an appraiser can greatly help recognize the value of your home, as well as get it onto the market and out of your hands. There are also many digital resources, such as forums or real-estate websites where you can post your home, the details, as well as what to expect, but note that selling your home online is a slippery-slope and having a trustworthy, professional team can get your home in & out of the market in no time and money in your hands even faster.

Here at Choice Mortgage Group, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from Key West to Pensacola, and so many more, on selling their home for the best possible price, at the best time. If you’re ready to get the real stats on your home, what to do next, and how to get the most bang out of your buck, contact Choice Mortgage Group today.

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