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Spring Refresh: Top Tips to Spruce Up Your Home This Season

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We’re deep into this year’s Spring Season, and Summer’s hot on its heels. While the weather is still comfortable, it’s the perfect time to work on these essential spring home maintenance tasks. With upgrades for both interiors and exteriors, these projects will keep your home in good shape and prepare it for hosting all your summer gatherings. 

Start a Kitchen Reno – Because kitchen renovations can be very intrusive and inconvenient, tearing apart the heart of the home, Spring is a good time to get those things started because it’s easier (and more fun) to be outside your home for a bit.

Update Windows – Spring is a good time to invest in new energy-efficient windows, but repainting, adding or updating weather stripping, and fixing any cracked glass will also help keep your windows protected from the summer heat. Inside, cleaning and updating window treatments can make a noticeable difference.

Check Railings, Fences & Walkway – No matter where you live, winter can be hard on fences, railings, and driveways. Check for loose railings, particularly on stairs. Also check for cracks and uneven spots in driveways and sidewalks. Spot-check your fence for any repairs needed. 

Clear Roof & Gutters – Inspect your roof for files of leaves and debris that can clog up the flow of water off your roof. Piles of leaves themselves can also cause damage to your roof.

Update Exterior Lighting – Check all outdoor fixtures (including the garage) for burnt out bulbs or solar lights that aren’t holding charge. Make sure motion-sensor lights are working too. Consider adding landscaping lights for maximum safety when its dark. 

Exterior Paint & Stain – The weather isn’t terribly hot yet, so now’s the time to touch up the deck or give the whole house a new look! If you do happen to be preparing to sell your home, spring’s a great time to get the outside of your house looking camera-ready! 

Service Your Air Conditioner – Have your AC checked and tuned up now, because the summer really heats up and technicians are busier. A full tune-up includes cleaning condenser coils, replacing filters and any faulty parts, checking coolants, and more.

Outdoor Irrigation – Repair or replace leaky, cracked hoses and be sure to check sprinklers and irrigation systems. Test any auto-timers or scheduling systems you have and inspect sprinkler heads for damage and function.

Landscaping – Your yard and/or garden are a year-round chore, but there’s something satisfying about reviving your lawn and landscaping after the cold, wet winter. While you’re out there, remove all grass and debris from around your AC unit so it can work efficiently. 

Spruce Up Your Mailbox – You may not think about this, but while you’re out and about, may as well check to see if your mailbox is in tip-top shape; freshen up any paint or landscaping around the area. 

Spring is a great time to get outside and get your house looking its very best. Choice Mortgage Group is a dedicated group of people, ready to help you live out your homeownership dreams in your current home or work to get your house on the market to sell.  

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