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Mortgage Requirements Are Loosening for Prime Borrowers

A recent Federal Reserve survey of domestic loan originators shows that out of more than 70 banks within the US, most are loosening their mortgage lending standards—more in the last quarter than at any time during the last 10 years.  This survey, conducted once per quarter by the Federal Reserve, ascertains what the national lending […]

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Rising Rates and Selling Your Home

If you’ve made the decision to sell your home – whether for a career move, retirement, or to move on to the next phase of your life from a starter home or into a downsized house – you might be watching the rising interest rates with some apprehension.  After all, higher rates means more expensive […]

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The Calm Truth about Rising Rates

Interest rates are rising.  House Hunters are watching those rates nervously, and they’re worried – quite sensibly – that rates will continue to rise.  But if you’ve been thinking about buying a home, all the recent news about rising interest rates and high home prices shouldn’t scare you off.  Just the opposite: Now is the […]

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5 Biggest Refinancing Mistakes to Avoid

With so many people applying to get a South Florida refinance on their house, the chances of you being the one approved get slimmer and you cannot afford to make mistakes that can completely ruin your chances.  So, if you are planning to pay off your current South Florida mortgage with refinancing, here are some […]

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Pay Off the Mortgage Now or Not? 4 Questions to Help You Decide

Paying off your Boca Raton mortgage all at once definitely has its own perks, the biggest one being the sole outright owner of your house.  However, it is not always the wisest thing to do and you should always look at all other possible factors that would be affected by the decision.  So before you […]

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Communication Skills that All Loan Originators Must Have

A lot of new home buyers say that the main obstacle that they face with their loan originator is that of communication.  According to these buyers, unprofessional loan originators often don’t reply to their calls, messages or emails, which lead to a lot of problems.  So, if you are someone who is looking for a […]

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A Few Things New Home Buyers Should Know

A lot of people have started to complain about the many problems that they are having with their loan originators at big banks.  Most of these people are new at buying a house, and so they don’t know of the many ways in which loan originators try to manipulate them.  Often, because of the inexperience […]

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Top 5 Locations to Sell a Home in the Current US Market

As the housing market recovers—much to the relief of those of us who depend on that recovery—there are obvious shifts occurring throughout the country showing where the top sellers’ markets are.  According to Realtor.com’s most recently published data, there are five particular cities demonstrating a quicker turnover of inventory through low median time on the […]

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